Royal Trexx & Black

Diamond Pleat Two Tone Luxury Seats


When you are driving a golf cart around the neighborhood, you want to do so in style. Check out our Royal Trexx & Black custom golf cart seats.

  • Rock a personalized style cart catered to your preferences.
  • Get from A to B in almost no time.
  • Pack up your friends and belongings for the ride.

Everybody wants to rock the coolest ride. When you shop at Golf Cars of Beaumont, you can cruise along your neighborhood in a one of a kind, custom built golf cart. Not only do we sell high quality gas powered golf carts, we offer tons of accessories to customize them with like our Royal Trexx & Black golf cart seats. These seats are comfortable and stylish, and they will make a great personal addition to your golf cart.

  • Diamond Pleat
  • Two Tone
  • Luxury Style